--- JUNE/JULY ---

On the set of the Italian tv series "Fuochi d'artificio", directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli.

--- MAY ---

Filming for "Miss Fallaci" (directed by Giacomo Martelli for Paramount), a biographical series about the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci.

--- APRIL ---

"Dead Bride" (directed by Francesco Picone) has been released in Mexico under the title of "Conjuro siniestro" and debuted in the top ten of the box office!

--- FEBRUARY ---

The second season of "Il commissario Ricciardi" is now available for streaming in Italy via RaiPlay.

--- JANUARY ---

The tv movie "Fernanda" (directed by Maurizio Zaccaro) is now online in Italy via RaiPlay. It tells the story of Fernanda Wittgens and her heroic actions that not only saved historic paintings but many lives during WW2.



Filming for the historical tv series "La lunga notte", directed by Giacomo Campiotti


On set for the tv-series "Il commissario Ricciardi", directed by Gianpaolo Tescari

--- MAY/JUNE ---

Filming for the historical biopic "Fernanda Wittgens", directed by Maurizio Zaccaro

--- MARCH ---

The adventure comedy "C'era una volta il crimine" is now at the cinema!

--- FEBRUARY ---

In Turin on the set of "L'uomo sulla strada" by Gianluca Mangiasciutti

--- FEBRUARY ---

On a mission as a segret agent in Rome shooting a commercial


--- NOVEMBER ---

Watching time pass by on the set of "Hotel Tempus", directed by Lorenzo Corvino in Monopoli, Apulia.

--- JULY ---

One the set of "L'ultima cena" by Davide Minnella


On the set of "Finché c'è crimine c'è speranza" by Massimiliano Bruno

--- FEBRUARY ---

On the set of "Dead Bride", directed by Francesco Picone